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Should you buy a health insurance policy worth Rs 1 Crore?

1 crore health insurance policy

News on COVID hospitalisations running into lakhs has jolted people to look into the financial gap in their health insurance policies. As per Pankaj Arora, MD and CEO, Raheja QBE General Insurance, there have been cases where customers with co-morbid conditions have lodged claims worth Rs54 lakh for ICU treatment involving ventilator support for COVID-19. This has […]

How good is your health insurance company in settling claims and addressing grievances?

claim settlement health insurance

Often a customer is unaware about which health insurance policy is the best for her/him and where to buy it from. There are 34 general and health insurance companies in India and a choice is never easy. But every policyholder’s or buyer’s expectation from their insurer is simple: they need value for money and the […]

Why women need a separate health insurance cover & how to go about it

Women & Health Insurance

Yes, it is a write-up on health insurance for women, and before you argue that health insurance is a must for both men and women, let us tell you that the percentage of women availing health insurance is significantly less than their male counterparts. Dr Sudha Reddy, Head – Health & Travel at Digit Insurance, […]

Use tax incentives and secure your health via family floater health insurance

secure your health via family floater health insurance

The year 2020 has arguably been one of the most difficult years for mankind because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent health hazards faced by the entire globe. As COVID-19 has demonstrated, pandemics are no respecters of age, wealth or status. So it is important to arm yourself with suitable financial protection.  With rising […]

Insurers to now send regular notifications regarding your health insurance policy

Insurers to now send regular notifications regarding your health insurance policy

You will soon get regular updates and periodical notifications about the important details regarding your policy from the insurance company. To ensure continuity in the relationship with policyholders and information flow, the insurance regulator IRDAI has asked insurers to periodically notify the policyholders certain relevant and key details relating to health insurance coverage available to […]

How to make the most of your employer health insurance policy

How to make the most of your company health insurance policy

Health Insurance plans can be complicated. Often employees are unaware of the several benefits they can avail through the health insurance provided to them by their employer. Here are such health insurance benefits that employees should be well aware of. 1.             Many day-care procedures are covered by health insurance. It is a common misconception that […]

COVID Impact: 15% rise in bills for all medical procedures

COVID Impact: 15% rise in bills for all medical procedures

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the healthcare sector in India.  While hospitals are thrust with high demand for emergency and in-patient care for COVID cases, other medical treatments have plummeted, with most people deferring them to avoid visiting hospital. With the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and improving confidence, many have now started resuming planned […]

How to choose between Floater and Non-Floater Health Policy

floater policy

Every time you are shopping for a health insurance plan, a key decisive factor is whether to go for a floater or a non-floater policy. If you are not very well versed with insurance or are out shopping for a health insurance plan for the very first time, it could be confusing as well as […]

How to file health insurance claim the right way

how to claim health insurance the right way moneymonc

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare in many ways. This has often led to delays in non-urgent surgeries or procedures. However, with the decline in the number of COVID-19 cases, most people have started undergoing the procedures that they had postponed due to the pandemic. Now if you also have a health insurance policy, either […]

Why it’s imperative to have a personal health insurance

why it's important to have a family health insurance cover and not just employer cover moneymonc

When 34-year-old Mukund Narayan, employed with a leading global tech company, lost his job to the global downsizing at his company, he found himself without any health insurance cover as well. And when he and his wife unfortunately got infected with the Coronavirus, they were forced to shell out money Rs6 lakh for their 20-day stay […]