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Equity Investments: 5 common mistakes to avoid

personal finance investing

Investment in equity, whether by buying directly or indirectly through equity mutual funds, is currently more popular than ever before. This trend is likely to persist given the continuation of the low interest rate regime by most of the world’s major central banks. To take advantage of this global equity tailwind, it is not only […]

Mutual Funds: How to choose between direct plan and regular plan

mutual fund direct vs regular

The direct plan and regular plan of any mutual fund scheme comes with the same investment strategy, objective, portfolio composition, asset allocation strategy and fund management team. However, these plans differ in terms of 3 aspects, namely – expense ratio, return rate and net asset value (NAV). Let’s look closely at these three aspects and […]

Why it’s time to review the protection element in your life insurance policies

retirement planning reviewing lifeinsurance protection

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the uncertainties that we face in life and brought forward the importance of safeguarding our families financially. For many Indians who bought life insurance for either investment or tax purposes, it has particularly been a wake-up call to reassess the protection element in their existing life insurance policies or to […]

Why you should consider a Dengue or Malaria Specific insurance cover

vector insurance mosquitoes

It is the time of the year when mosquitoes start transmitting highly infectious diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, kala azar, Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, Zika virus etc. They spread rapidly, especially during the monsoon when water logging is common. About 95% of India’s population resides in malaria-endemic areas. Since mortality due to vector borne diseases […]

Why and how to buy a critical illness cover

critical illness insurance cover

Imagine being stuck in a situation where you have just been diagnosed with a critical life altering illness – a heart condition, cancer or a kidney failure. Are you or your family prepared to face the financial consequences? Often we push away such thoughts, convincing ourselves that it would not happen to us. But we […]

10 PSU value stocks giving higher dividend yields

top 10 value stocks (PSUs)

Indian stocks are among the most expensive in the world. And the post pandemic rally has made the stock market even more expensive. Most stocks have doubled or even tripled in value since the end of March last year even if their profits are yet to scale the pre-pandemic highs. This is most clearly visible […]

Top 10 Sectoral Funds with over 95% returns in last one year


The post pandemic period on the bourses has been all about investing in the right sectors. While the entire market is up in the last 15 months on the back of easy liquidity in the financial markets, record low interest rates and a recovery in corporate profits from the lows of June 20 quarter, the […]

5 tips to build a strong credit score

credit report pic

Lenders use credit score as one of the first filters for evaluating loan and credit card applications. Several lenders have also started using credit score to set the risk-based interest rates for their loan applicants. Its rising importance in our financial lives makes it essential for all to work towards building a strong credit score. […]

6 ways to earn more on your savings & investments amid falling interest rates

falling interest rates profit fd life insurance

The events in the last week suggest that low interest rates in India are here to stay for some time despite a steady rise in inflation that is usually a precursor for higher interest rates. The new financial year started with the central government announcing a sharp cut in interest rate on post office deposits […]

How to invest in gold for maximum returns


Gold is a hedge against instability  and uncertainty in the broader economy and other assets markets. There are many ways to own gold and returns could vary quite a bit from the headline number depending on the form in which you added the yellow metal to your portfolio  Besides buying gold bars and coins, three […]