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Why Freelancers Should Have Insurance Covers

insurance for gigworkers

As much as COVID19 pushed digitisation of services to the forefront, its effect on corporates hiring gig workers, freelancers has been similar. People no longer question the efficacy of remote working and this extended flexibility has led to the formation of a sizeable gig workforce for the country. According to ASSOCHAM, India’s gig economy is […]

Unhappy with your insurance policy? Find out how to port it!

health insurance portability

Insurance is a tricky piece of paper. Not many of us understand the full terms and conditions before buying a policy. But when the need arises to make a claim, we dig into the documents and the real experience with the insurance cover begins. And those who didn’t fully understand the insurance policy at the […]

Why you should consider a Dengue or Malaria Specific insurance cover

vector insurance mosquitoes

It is the time of the year when mosquitoes start transmitting highly infectious diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, kala azar, Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, Zika virus etc. They spread rapidly, especially during the monsoon when water logging is common. About 95% of India’s population resides in malaria-endemic areas. Since mortality due to vector borne diseases […]

Why and how to buy a critical illness cover

critical illness insurance cover

Imagine being stuck in a situation where you have just been diagnosed with a critical life altering illness – a heart condition, cancer or a kidney failure. Are you or your family prepared to face the financial consequences? Often we push away such thoughts, convincing ourselves that it would not happen to us. But we […]

World Hypertension Day: Why it’s important to monitor your blood pressure and amp up health insurance

hypertension blood pressure

It is common to be stressed out, whether in the corporate world, entrepreneurship, or simply while running the household. Stress catches us young, and if left unchecked, it stealthily grows within us, disguising as hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure. As per WHO, nearly 63 percent of total deaths in India are due […]

How to buy health insurance for senior citizens

healthinsurance seniorcitizens covid19

In a world where senior citizens are at the highest risk of getting severely affected due to the Coronavirus, it is prudent to cover them under a comprehensive health insurance policy apart from vaccination against COVID19. The health risks our seniors face are many – two in every three senior citizens in India suffer from […]

How effective is your Corona-specific health policy in the COVID Second Wave

healthinsurance Covid19 coronakavach coronarakshak

Do sanitizers, double masks and steam inhales make you 100 percent safe from COVID-19? The second wave of Coronavirus sweeping the country has resulted in loss of lakhs of lives due to shortage of oxygen and hospital beds.  Most of us seeking treatment right now don’t have an adequate health insurance cover, leading families into […]

Choosing Health Insurance Plan from New India Assurance


There are 30 health insurance providers in India, and if you decide to opt for the company with the highest market share in the general insurance space, then New India Assurance will be your insurer of choice. Based on your requirements – whether you are single, married, want to cover your parents or are a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Atal Pension Yojana

atal pension yojana nps

What is Atal Pension Yojana? It is a minimum pension guarantee scheme by the Central government, where one can opt for a minimum monthly pension of Rs1000, Rs2000, Rs3000, Rs4000 or Rs5000. The pension scheme starts paying after the age of 60 years. The objective of this scheme is to ensure a sense of financial […]

Should you buy a health insurance policy worth Rs 1 Crore?

1 crore health insurance policy

News on COVID hospitalisations running into lakhs has jolted people to look into the financial gap in their health insurance policies. As per Pankaj Arora, MD and CEO, Raheja QBE General Insurance, there have been cases where customers with co-morbid conditions have lodged claims worth Rs54 lakh for ICU treatment involving ventilator support for COVID-19. This has […]