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Motor Insurance: How to be ready for monsoon breakdowns

monsoons motorinsurance carinsurance flooding

Monsoons cause a lot of vehicle troubles and it is always advisable to be prepared before the rains sets in. One not only needs to be extra cautious while driving but must make sure their vehicle is adequately secured against all possible damages. It is also good to know what is covered and not covered […]

COVID-19 impact: Motor insurance claims settlement time reduces from days to hours aided by increasing digitisation

motorinsurance AI

Processing of your vehicle accident claims has become faster than ever before as insurers are now offering customers the option to settle claims through their self-service mobile apps.  While the COVID19 pandemic has forced most companies to adopt the technology route, general insurers have seen a huge acceleration in the digital processing of motor insurance […]

‘The grey area for claims is that the need for admission is not clearly defined’: Vidal Health CMD Girish Rao

Vidal health Girish Rao claim healthinsurance

With the second wave of Covid raging across the country there has been an unparalleled surge in Coronavirus-related health insurance claims. Vidal Health, one of India’s leading third-party administrators, is working to help policyholders find hospital beds and ICUs besides guiding them to the nearest diagnostic centres in line with their policy coverages. In an […]

Covid-19: Health insurance helpline support list

Choose Right Health Insurance Plan

The Covid-19 pandemic is currently raging through the country and it is of utmost importance to not only mask up and follow the requisite guidelines to avoid the infection. It is equally important to have a health insurance plan that covers you and your family against any unforeseen medical expenses. Majority of insurance players in […]

COVID-19: Health insurers extend cover for online medical consultation & home care

telemedicine healthinsurance

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a significant shift towards tele-consultation and telemedicine in the healthcare industry. Telemedicine essentially allows registered medical practitioners to use online video consultation as most people avoid visiting the hospital due to the fear of contracting the virus. Telemedicine has been a boon for millions as they are able to […]

Know your motor insurance: It covers more than you think

Motor Insurance

A comprehensive Motor Insurance policy comprises two parts – Own Damage and Third Party Insurance. It also comes with a range of add-on covers that can be customised. Own Damage It covers damages and losses against your own car. This includes damages and losses caused due to accidents and collisions, natural calamities, fires, riots and […]

COVID Impact: 15% rise in bills for all medical procedures

COVID Impact: 15% rise in bills for all medical procedures

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the healthcare sector in India.  While hospitals are thrust with high demand for emergency and in-patient care for COVID cases, other medical treatments have plummeted, with most people deferring them to avoid visiting hospital. With the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and improving confidence, many have now started resuming planned […]

How to choose between Floater and Non-Floater Health Policy

floater policy

Every time you are shopping for a health insurance plan, a key decisive factor is whether to go for a floater or a non-floater policy. If you are not very well versed with insurance or are out shopping for a health insurance plan for the very first time, it could be confusing as well as […]