facebook How Rajeshwari J took the leap of faith at 42 to become one of the most successful life insurance agents for SBI Life Insurance

How Rajeshwari J took the leap of faith at 42 to become one of the most successful life insurance agents for SBI Life Insurance


There are a handful of successful women in the Insurance Industry. So when one comes across a success story it is remarkable because making a mark in this field, especially as a financial advisor, is not a piece of cake. In the year 2006, Rajeshwari Jandhyala stepped into insurance selling at the age of 42, broke the glass ceiling, found a sound financial footing and is now inspiring others to take this journey.

“It started with a strong desire to financially support my family and an advertisement by SBI Life Insurance, inviting to be financial advisors with them. I was 42 then, so stepping out after being a homemaker for many years, was a little unnerving but once I applied there was no looking back. It was only upwards and onwards,” recounts Rajeshwari as she stepped into an extremely challenging realm of insurance sales in India without any background in the industry.

This was at a time when the profession was not held in high regard and financial literacy levels were dismal, making it very difficult to sell insurance. However, times are changing and her story is now an inspiration to others to take a plunge into insurance selling.

“It is relatively difficult for a woman to make a mark in the industry. Even today there are just a handful of women though the numbers are growing gradually. They can be a great tool to improve insurance penetration as families are more comfortable talking to women agents and it encourages participation of women in families in discussion surrounding financial decisions,” she says.

It took time for her to convince people to make space for insurance in their financial portfolio back then.  “Initially things moved slowly but then I started visiting government offices, meeting employees and seeking permission to make group presentations and things moved forward slightly.”

She gives credit to the support provided by her insurance company. “It is an agreed fact that being an insurance agent is no cakewalk, but with continuous and diligent efforts one definitely sees success and once you cross the challenging threshold, it is a red carpet.”

Till date she never misses an opportunity to interact with people and speak to them about insurance.

Today Rajeshwari is one of the top insurance advisors for SBI Life Insurance and is a part of the prestigious Million Dollar round table (MDRT) — an exclusive forum for the world’s most successful life insurance and financial services professionals. Membership to MDRT (USA) is based on agent productivity and includes criteria for commissions and premium. For 3 years she served as a chair for the Membership Communications Committee which, at the local level, monitors industry activities and involvement worldwide.

 “It’s the global exposure from the meetings and the interaction with a cream of top professionals.  It is a common platform where one can network with beginners to top-end insurance/finance professionals. They come together and discuss their journeys and share ideas to increase productivity.”

Today people have started understanding the importance of life insurance and are ready to listen so is it easier to bring up conversations about such topics now. Interest around term life insurance has peeked and individuals are looking at taking a term insurance with adequate coverage. Even people from the medium income bracket have joined these conversations and are open to the idea of an adequate term insurance in their financial portfolio.

“The pandemic stood as a curveball as it impacted the savings for middle and lower middle class. Initially, sales generation became difficult and there was a drop in persistency levels since insurance is very much driven by personal interactions. However, over the course of few months, a positive trend emerged. There was a rise in demand for health and life insurance and evolving digital interfaces helped us service our customers seamlessly,” recounts Rajeshwari.

Digitalisation in the insurance sector has been a boon for financial advisors especially during the pandemic. “It makes customer service easier, leaving us with more time to focus on business development. It provides the agents with accurate actionable data on their fingertips that helps retain customers,” she says.

“Moreover, mobile apps enable us to track the customers data instantly, update policies and address their requirements. Besides, digital transactions like payment of premium and online policy issuance has reduced the TAT for policy issuance drastically from around 10 days to 1 hour. It has also been instrumental in eliminating mis-selling and has allowed transparent communication with customers,” Rajeshwari adds.

Digitalisation has transformed claim settlement process completely and made it paperless and self-serviceable. Customers can upload documents online without stepping out of their homes.

“Where we as insurance advisors fit in is guidance and support on the information on process and documents they need to upload.”

For someone who is looking at starting out as a financial advisor she says, “It is easy to get started as there’s no need for technical or industry knowledge. Any graduate or undergraduate can pursue this and they can start their journey as an entrepreneur. It provides a vast scope and unlimited income.”

Advice that she would offer to an individual wanting a career in this field is this: “Since life insurance is an intangible service, success depends on communication & analytical skills to understand customer’s needs & their risk appetite along with perseverance to stomach rejection at times.”

Rajeshwari emphasises on sound product knowledge, skills like empathy, interpersonal/listening skills and ensuring high levels of customer service as important ingredients to success in this field.

“The income in the field can range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs.50 lakh depending on your sales portfolio. Besides, regular contest and incentives by the insurance company also supplement the income. Today insurers also extend benefits like health insurance to its advisors.”

She further adds, “Being a life insurance agent is worth the effort. One should be dedicated and passionate about serving people. This is one of the few fields that ensures continuous learning and growth while allowing you to give back to society.”

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    Good Article to read on Women Empowerment. Mrs Rajeshwari is a roll model women.
    Being MDRT Life Mitra, she is representing Indian women success in MDRT Forum, USA/Canada.
    Wishing her to keep on encouraging all of us with her more success stories.

  2. Kssc says:

    Reading this article gives inspirations to insurance professionals only being hefty of earnings with continues efforts are involving is right n bright, on other hand, towards clients is so fatigue it matters bcoz since 25yrs my practical experience is very bad in industry on maturity proceeds of traditional/ulip plans to clients, wherein it gives very lowest/loss/min returns are recived is very bad experienced. I agree that life insurance is must who earns good to his family through ONLY term insurances with limited payments and long term policy cover to buy. Nowadays, young generations are more awareness getting in this fact and rejecting traditional/ulip plans to buy yo their savings kitty. Now IRDAI need to interfere to favour people by protecting them by unlikely terms n conditions of such worst plans and low returns of outdated traditional/ulip plans to this society…. Term plan with mutual fund investment combinations will serve to the best for people to note who reads above article which is not favouring geneal public. And Insurance principle Caveat emptor is a Latin term that means “let the buyer beware.” Similar to the phrase “sold as is,” this term means that the buyer assumes the risk that a product may fail to meet expectations or have defects is the important key note to take here. Insurance industry N number famias activities, expenses incurring by management towards different heads inside are killing customers interest need to explore by IRDAI till its may be regulated by hardly 1 to 2 % lvls. So buyer be aware need to explore more.

  3. Manish chandra says:

    Having faith in self make you grow in your life. Advisorship of LI , GI and MF happen to be the most lucrative job across the world. Even I will take agency when I will get retired.

  4. Maruthi Naidu says:

    Very much inspiring! A great motivational journey, which inspires many, to see Insurance Sales as a Career ! Best wishes to Ms Rajeshwari to continue to inspire us.

  5. Sharon M. White says:

    I love Ms. Rajeshwari J story, she is a SHERO! How she went from home maker to a professional Woman of empowerment helping people understand the importance of life insurance and educating them on how money works with investments.

  6. Prakkash says:

    A role model for women to follow her footsteps in the life insurance business ….she has ensure her financial independence without going for a 9 to 5 job.

  7. Vijay chowdary says:

    Excellent Very Inspiring story. Journey Starts from Home maker to Succesful Life Insurance advisor. True Example of Women empowerment . Wishing many more Success to Rajeswari Madam.

    • Dr. R. Naga Surekha says:

      Mrs. Rajeshwari Madam is the perfect example of Sincerity and Service. She succeeded in her profession overcoming many hurdles in life. She removes stress in our lives with ever smiling face; guides us with sweet words; encourages us with friendly gestures and paves way for our brightful future with her timely suggestions of insurance Policies. Her benevolence and elegance made her to achieve this social status. I pray God to give her health and wealth, peace and prosperity in her life. All the very best Rajeshwari Madam


    Rajeswari madam.. it is very inspiring journey made by you in this difficult and different field…Really it is commendable..We are very happy to be a very little part of your journey… Congratulations madam…💐💐💐

  9. Kameshwari says:

    Rajeshwari’s journey of transformation from homemaker into a successful insurance professional is indeed remarkable. She is an exemplar for the millions of women who hope and struggle to chart a professional identity for themselves , and to enter the workforce midlife. She has shown how grit, hardwork and belief in the self propel one to greater heights of achievement. All power to you Rajeshwari and many more exciting heights to scale.

  10. Kameshwari says:

    Rajeshwari’s journey from the home to becoming a highly successful professional is truly remarkable and inspiring. She stands out as an exemplar of hope for the scores of women struggling to make a transition into professional arena. She has shown that grit, hardwork and above all a belief and faith in oneself are the key drivers in enabling these transitions and transformation. All power to you Rajeshwari and am confident that you will scale many more heights of achievement.

  11. Gita Subba Rao says:

    Rajeshwari’s achievements are truly remarkable. She is a role model for all women. May she achieve even greater heights.

  12. Suma Narayan says:

    Against all odds Rajeshweri believed in herself and didn’t give in to so many misgivings she must have heard along the way .. truly an example and inspiration to many …be they men or women.

  13. Suma Narayan says:

    Against all odds Rajeshweri believed in herself and didn’t give in to so many misgivings she must have heard along the way .. truly an example and inspiration to many …be they men or women.

  14. Jayashree Tatavarti says:

    I am so proud of a Rajeswari as I knew her as a child. Wish her all the best to achieve more heights in her chosen path.

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