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How COVID19 has changed the way you buy term life insurance policy

Life insurance Covid termlife propsal

The pandemic has made more people aware about the necessity of having a pure protection term life insurance cover. However, buying it now is not as easy as it was prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. With many people facing rejections of their term life insurance proposals, it’s important to understand the reasons why insurers may […]

Surge in claims for health insurers continues even after COVID second wave

S Prakash rise in claims health insurance Star Health

Health insurers in the country continue to see heavy claims despite the abatement of the second wave of the Covid19 pandemic. Star Health Insurance, one of the leading health insurance players, is receiving 4,000-6,000 claims per day across the country, said Dr. S Prakash, MD, Star Health Insurance. Stark rise in claims from non-Covid Hospitalization […]